Lessen your toxic exposure with NO VOC paint.

Jordan and I have been painting a lot lately and we’ve been using two different brands of no VOC (volatile organic chemicals) paint. Harmony from Sherwin Williams, and Olympic premium paint that can be found at Lowes home centers. Personally, I will be using the Olympic in the future, because of the cost (only $18-25/gallon), and they can tint it in dark colors. There are several other brands out there and even the regular paints are coming down in their VOC content because of regulations going into effect in California.

For those of you who don’t know, VOC’s are toxic and become concentrated indoors. Indoor air pollution is currently more of a health problem than outdoor air pollution.

There are also nontoxic paints like milk paints and other speciallty manufacturers

With paints commonly containing 150 grams per liter, it is great to have an alternative. For not much more money you can easily protect you and your family’s health.

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