Supplements To Support Weight Loss 20% Off For January

I did a heroic job of enjoying whatever I wanted this holiday season. Cookies, pie, pasta. It was awesome. I actually managed to gain a little over 6 pounds in 5 days. In honor of my gluttony, four key supplements that assist in weight loss will be 20% off for January.

The first is Chromium Picolinate from Thorne. Chromium is an essential mineral for the pancreas and really helps with sugar cravings. It’s what I reach for when I can’t stop eating cookies. It also helps with sugar-induced mid back pain that I see around the holidays.

From Thorne:

Chromium Picolinate by ThorneChromium is an essential mineral that supports healthy blood sugar levels and helps lessen carbohydrate cravings. Chromium Picolinate provides the chromium often lacking in daily diets. Studies suggest chromium helps maintain already normal glucose levels and insulin sensitivity and can assist in weight management

Refined flour and refined sugar is significantly depleted of chromium. In addition, metabolic stress, strenuous exercise, and pregnancy can all increase chromium needs. Thorne’s Chromium Picolinate provides chromium that is bound to picolinic acid, which facilitates its absorption, so you get chromium’s full benefit. Chromium in the form of picolinate has been widely studied for its support of blood sugar metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Decreases in carbohydrate cravings have also been noted. Other studies show chromium picolinate can increase lean-body mass in obese patients and enhance the effect of weight management efforts.

The second supplement that I will recommend in a similar fashion is Vanadium Sulphate. This is from Clinical Indications for Thorne Research Products by Michael Lebowitz, DC:

Vanadium in this form has been shown to be capable of mimicking most of the effects of insulin, including lowering blood sugar levels. It also appears to stimulate the activity of bone mineralization-promoting osteoblasts. In some patients, vanadyl sulfate decreases the liver’s synthesis of cholesterol. Deficiency of this mineral has been associated with depressed growth, abnormal bone development, heart disease, and cancer.

For those in need of a combination of chromium and vanadium, or with more serious sugar metabolism issues, I recommend Diabenil by Thorne.

From Thorne:

Diabenil is a unique blend of botanicals and nutrients to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Diabenil contains a comprehensive blend of botanicals and nutrients to support healthy blood sugar levels and help protect nerves, blood vessels, eyes, and kidneys. Gymnema sylvestre supports already normal blood sugar levels. Momordica charantia (bitter melon) appears to enhance glucose utilization and depress glucose synthesis in the liver. Vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry) contains flavonoids that appear to support ocular tissue.

These flavonoids and quercetin strengthen blood vessels and help maintain healthy connective tissues.  Quercetin – in a Thorne-exclusive phytosome for optimal absorption – also inhibits the conversion of glucose to sorbitol, which can otherwise accumulate in the lens of the eye and in the kidneys and nerves.

Lipoic acid can significantly reduce lipid peroxidation of nerve tissue.  Chromium picolinate and vanadyl sulfate are included to help maintain already normal hemoglobin A1C levels.


Finally, Pepti-Guard by Thorne was originally used for infection of the upper GI tract. It helps to calm and soothe the stomach. It was a key supplement that helped me lose 40lbs a few years ago. I’ve found that it can help reduce stomach inflammation, and calm the stomach reducing “hunger pangs” and the need to snack through the day. It can also help prevent overeating.

From Thorne:

Pepti-Guard is the long-anticipated reformulation of our tried and true standby – Formula SF734. This GI support product is formulated for specific support of healthy flora in the upper gastrointestinal tract, particularly the stomach.

Pepti-Guard helps maintain a healthy balance of GI flora while helping soothe and heal mucus membranes. This new product contains the same primary ingredients – deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL), berberine HCl, and bismuth citrate – as Formula SF734. However, the bentonite clay has been replaced with a 200:1 aloe vera extract with significant GI healing properties.

Aloe vera is used to soothe and heal the sensitive mucus membranes of the GI tract. We have sourced the highest quality aloe vera on the market for this product – DaltonMax 700®. It is organic and is taken only from the inner gel of the aloe plant. It does not contain any other portions of the plant that might cause gastric upset or have a laxative effect.

With these supplements, I know I will be able to easily reach my pre-Christmas weight. I hope they can help you reach yours.

~Dr. Michael

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