Sweet Misery. Documentary on Aspartame and Nutrasweet.

In the mid 1960’s, a scientist working for the GD Searle company on an ulcer medication, tasted the powder that he was working on. He found it sweet, and this is the story of it becoming the major artificial sweetener sold today. Nutrasweet is the trade name for the chemical aspartame. Here it is:


Part 2 has personal testimonials.

Part 3 talks about initial research and industry cover up.

Part 4 talks about independent research and evidence of brain damage.

Part 5 What is Aspartame and what are the parts of it? Also, the cover up of research on individual molecule building blocks of Aspartame.

Part 6 Interviews with scientists and lawyers that were petitioning FDA to not be approved. Information on grand jury lawsuit against JD Serle and the revolving door with business that kept the lawsuit from going forward. Also, the Rumsfeld connection.

Part 7 The business of keeping GD Searle afloat, and the business of politics with the new Reagan administration. Nutrasweet is approved. Since the FDA approves it, Nutrasweet approval is rubber stamped around the world.

Part 8 Consumer groups spread the word of the dangers of Aspartame. One group is Dorway.com. The analysis of how, even with the advancement of healthcare, how people are getting sicker. An interview with Diane Fleming.

Part 9 Diane Fleming interview continues, final thoughts on interviewees, comments on recovery.


Update 7-3-2015. Originally Sweet Misery was on youtube in several parts. I’ve updated this post with the whole movie in the original frame.

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